Murdered In Malaysia: The Altantuya Story’ by E.S Shankar

This meticulously researched, honest and informative book is for you and for all those Malaysians who want to know the full truth about the disgraceful and barbaric murder of a Mongolian girl, who had the misfortune to associate herself with persons which led ultimately to her murder and the disintegration of her dead body, and perhaps her unborn child, by explosion.

E.S Shanker has produced a tour de force in terms of research and the comprehensive scope of his enquiries, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to bring to light facts that were disgracefully suppressed and covered up by one of the most shocking examples of interference in the judiciary that Malaysia has experienced in its history. The impact on the independence of Malaysia’s law enforcement agencies has been far-reaching and malign.
Encourage your friends to buy this book and support our project and the brave author of this book.


Exclusive interview with the author of ‘Murdered in Malaysia: The Altantuya Story’

View the Interview Here

altantuya shariibuu (2)

Uploaded on Mar 13, 2007

This video is featured exclusively on Susan Loone’s blog at This is Malaysia’s murder of the century. Altantuya, a Mongolian national, single mother of two sons, was allegedly shot twice in the head and blown up with C4 explosives on 19 October 2006. She was allegedly murdered by two special task force policemen, abetted by political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, close associate of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Except for her family and friends, Malaysians do not know how Altantuya look like, or who she is. This video was produced by her father Mr. Stev Shariibuu, in memory of his loving daughter. May her soul rest in peace. May justice prevail for Altantuya and her family.


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