How Anwar Ibrahim Was Convicted Of Sodomy

Published on Feb 12, 2015

The Trial of Anwar Ibrahim (2000): How did Anwar Ibrahim get ousted as deputy PM?

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Speaking publicly for the first time, a former official of the ruling UMNO party links the plot to destroy Anwar directly to the inner circle of the Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohammed.

“My duty is to give propaganda to the people that Anwar is not fit to be Prime Minister”. Two years ago, when Anwar was accused of sodomy and corruption and sacked as Malaysia’s deputy PM, tens of thousands of outraged supporters took to the streets demanding democratic reform and the resignation of Mahathir. But far from making his accusers backdown, Anwar’s popularity has proven to be the main cause of his downfall. A disturbing account of political jealousy under an efficient but ruthless leader.

ABC Australia – Ref 892


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