Arab Voices: What They Are Saying to Us, and Why it Matters by James Zogby (Author)

Despite increased contact between the West and the Arab world, even top American political leaders have only limited awareness of the realities and complexities of their Arab counterparts. Arab Voices asks the questions, collects the answers, and shares the results that will help us see Arabs clearly, bringing into stark relief the myths, assumptions, and biases that hold us back from understanding this important variety of cultures. With a new afterword chronicling the importance of the recent uprisings across the Arab world, Zogby shows why it’s more important than ever to base policy and perception on reality, rather than stereotypes and theories.

James Zogby is founder and president of the Washington, D.C.-based Arab American Institute and a senior advisor to the polling firm Zogby International. He writes a weekly column that appears in twenty Arab newspapers and hosts a weekly call-in discussion program on Abu Dhabi television. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Democratic National Committee, and co-chair of the DNC’s Resolutions Committee, he and his wife Eileen live in Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

• Chapter 1: The Day That Didn’t Change Everything

• Chapter 2: Listening in the Levant

• Chapter 3: Knowledge Wars

• Chapter 4: Lord Balfours, Then and Now

• Part II: Beyond Super Myths: Who Are the Arabs and What Do They Want?

• Chapter 5: Super-Myth One: This World Is Flat

• Chapter 6: Super-Myth Two: A Fictional Unity

• Chapter 7: Super Myth Three: The Angry Arab

• Chapter 8: Super-Myth Four: The Lens of Islam

• Chapter 9: Super Myth Five: Immutability, or the Frozen Camel

• Part III: Why It Matters: Blunders, Failures, and Fallout

• Chapter 10: Iraq: History Cuts Like A Knife

• Chapter 11: Lebanon: Hearing Half the Story

• Chapter 12: Saudi Arabia: Their Reform, Not Ours

• Chapter 13: Palestine: A Wound in the Heart

• Chapter 14: Arab Americans: Bridging the Divide

• Part IV: Getting It Right

• Chapter 15: What Government Can Do

• Chapter 16: What We Can Do

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Dr. James Zogby- Arab Voices: What They Are Saying, Why It Matters

At the Euphrates Summit 2011 at Principia College, Founder and President of the Arab-American Institute Dr. James Zogby discusses the importance of understanding what Arabs are saying and thinking in a post-911 era, using polling data from Zogby International.

Arab Voices

Uploaded on Mar 4, 2011
The New America Foundation’s Middle East Task Force invites you to join a very timely conversation with Dr. James Zogby, building on themes explored in his new book, Arab Voices: What They Are Saying to Us, and Why it Matters.

The book brings into stark relief the myths, assumptions, and biases that hold us back from understanding the people of the Arab and Muslim worlds. It debuts a brand new, comprehensive poll, bringing numbers to life that allow us to base policy and perception on the real world, rather than on a conjured reality. Coming at an especially momentous time of change in the region, the discussion with Dr. Zogby will also speak to the recent overthrow of American-supported regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, the continuing unrest and clamoring for change in countries including Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, and how U.S. public diplomacy must react to the ever-shifting realities of a changing regional equilibrium.


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