Climate Peril: The Intelligent Reader’s Guide to Understanding the Climate Crisis by John J. Berger Ph.D (Author)

In an easily accessible work of enormous scope and depth, John J. Berger vividly evokes the looming hazards of a warmer world. Based on the latest climate science, Climate Peril reveals that the impacts of climate change on our health, economy, and environment are far worse—and more imminent—than many realize. The book identifies the obstacles to climate protection and shows why steep and unprecedented—yet affordable—cuts in greenhouse gases are needed now to avert a global climate catastrophe.

Climate Peril portrays the radically altered world we will create in 2100 A.D. if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced and documents the rapid and unnatural climate change already taking place. The book explores all major consequences of climate change, especially its astonishing impacts on the economy, human health, other species, and the oceans. Among other awesome risks, Climate Peril describes the billions of ton of carbon lurking in ocean sea beds and thawing permafrost and the global danger of crossing an invisible threshold beyond which catastrophic climate changes become inevitable.

While its conclusions are alarming, Climate Peril is above all a realistic and authoritative book that you can use to better understand how climate change may affect you and your family.

Climate Peril is the second of a three book series. Volume 1, Climate Myths, focused on the political campaign waged against climate science. Volume 3, Climate Solutions (forthcoming), shows how to create a climate-safe world by radically transforming global energy, transportation, and land use practices.

John J. Berger is an American climate specialist and consultant who has written and edited eleven books on energy and environmental issues. Dr. Berger has consulted to the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofit groups, and governmental organizations, including the U.S. Congress. He was co-founder and director of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Inc. of Washington, D.C. and helped launch the environmental restoration movement in 1985 with his book Restoring the Earth: How Americans Are Working to Renew Our Damaged Environment. He also founded and directed the nonprofit Restoring the Earth, Inc., which worked to advance the cause of environmental restoration via public education and environmental policy development. Dr. Berger is a long-time supporter of alternative energy solutions to global environmental problems. For many years he has repeatedly called attention to the nation’s excessive dependence on foreign oil and the attendant economic and environmental costs, and risks. He has outlined strategies for a clean, renewable energy economy in books such as Charging Ahead: The Business of Renewable Energy and What It Means for America, Beating the Heat: How and Why We Must Combat Global Warming, and Climate Change Policy (Schneider et al., eds.). His office is located in Berkeley, California where he writes on climate, energy, and natural resources and provides scientific and technical writing as well as editorial consulting services to businesses and individuals.

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