Retrieving the Remains of Flight MH17

Retrieving the Remains of Flight MH17: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 62)

One week after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board, authorities have yet to determine for certain who was responsible for launching the missile that destroyed the plane. Many Ukrainians, however, are convinced it was the pro-Russia rebels who committed the act of “terrorism;” Russia continues to deny involvement.

VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky is in Kharkiv as the investigation continues. He attends a pro-Ukrainian rally, then travels to the Kharkiv airport, where the bodies of many of the passengers arrive to be sent back to the Netherlands for identification and burial.

Royal Tears For The Victims Of Flight MH17 Dutch Queen Sobs As She & Grieving Relatives

Royal Tears For The Victims Of Flight MH17 Dutch Queen Sobs As She & Grieving Relatives Watch The first bodies arrive back in Holland in a dignified ceremony that shames Russia

Bodies of around 200 international victims of the MH17 plane massacre have arrived in Eindhoven, Netherlands Aircraft, which left Ukraine this morning, were greeted by grieving relatives and members of the Dutch royal family

Torturous identification will now take place, which officials have warned is likely to take several months to complete There is concern over the total number of bodies that have been released by pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine Separatists claim they placed 282 complete corpses and body parts from 16 others on board refrigerated morgue train

But Dutch officials claim they counted only 200 victims, meaning a third of MH17’s passengers may still be missing Today MH17’s black boxes were delivered to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch base in Farnborough, Hampshire

Dutch air safety board said cockpit voice recorder successfully downloaded and contained ‘valid data from the flight’


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