Struggle For Justice by Hiroko Iwami Malott

STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE is the story of a courageous woman, Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail of Malaysia. The mother of six children. A medical doctor. And the wife of the man who was destined to become Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

On one fateful night in 1998, Azizah’s life changed forever. Government forces took her husband away at gunpoint and beat him nearly to death. Azizah was thrust into a new role as opposition political leader and living symbol of the call for freedom and justice in her beloved land.

Threatened with arrest and thwarted repeatedly in her attempts to speak to the Malaysian people, Azizah persevered in a six-year struggle to free her husband. Through it all, Azizah continued to be a loving mother to her young children and a supportive wife to her husband, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in trials whose fairness was condemned by governments and human rights groups around the world.

While many journalists and scholars have written about Malaysia’s recent political crisis, Struggle for Justice is the first account that tells this dramatic story from the perspective of an amazing woman, Dr. Wan Azizah.

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HIROKO IWAMI MALOTT, the wife of the US Ambassador to Malaysia when the events of this story began, was born in Japan. She accompanied her husband on diplomatic assignments in Vietnam, India, Japan, and Malaysia. The mother of two grown children, she and her husband now live in Alexandria, Virginia.

Note: Hiroko Iwami Malott passed away in August 28th 2012.


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