Kevin Rudd: The Biography by ROBERT MACKLIN

When Kevin Rudd became Labor leader in December 2006, many Australians had never heard of him. A few short months later, his presence has galvanised the Labor party into an effective opposition, and he appears on the brink of becoming the leader of this country.
But who is Kevin Rudd? What is his experience, both political and personal? What sort of man is he? What role does his religion play in his life? How does his wife’s multimillion-dollar business influence him? In short, what sort of Prime Minister might he make?

In this first biography of Rudd, author, journalist and former Prime Ministerial press secretary Robert Macklin analyses the public and the private record, including Rudd’s time as a diplomat in China and his role in Wayne Goss’s Queensland Government. Macklin has conducted extensive exclusive interviews with Rudd’s former employers and colleagues to reveal the man away from the spotlight.

Robert Macklin was born in Queensland where he was educated at Ironside School, Brisbane Grammar and the University of Queensland.

He worked as a Jackaroo on a sheep and cattle property then as a roustabout in a shearing team before joining The Courier-Mail as a cadet journalist.

Later he moved to Melbourne and Canberra where he worked in the Parliamentary Press Gallery for The Age and then as Press Secretary to Sir John McEwen during his Prime Ministership.

On McEwen’s retirement in 1971 he took a post with the Asian Development Bank in Manila, Philippines and for the next five years wrote and directed documentary films in 32 countries from Afghanistan to Western Samoa. These were screened on television in Australia, Britain, America and many developing countries of the region.

During this time he wrote his first novel, The Queenslander, and returned with his family to Australia. He now lives in Canberra where he divides his writing time between books and moving pictures.

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Kevin Rudd sworn in as new Australian prime minister. View HERE


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