Peaceful Revolution: How We can Create the Future Needed for Humanity’s Survival by Paul K. Chappell

If you think world peace is a naive concept, Paul K. Chappell’s very existence will give you pause. It’s not enough to say that Chappell – a West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran – is a soldier turned peace leader.

Experiencing a traumatic upbringing and growing up mixed race in Alabama,he’s a young man forged by violence, rage, and racism into a living weapon for peace. By unlocking the mysteries of human nature, he shows how the muscles of hope, empathy, appreciation, conscience, reason, discipline, and curiosity give us the power to end the wars between countries, our ongoing war with nature, and the war in our hearts.

Paul K. Chappell graduated from West Point in 2002. He served in the army for seven years, was deployed to Baghdad in 2006, and left active duty in November 2009 as a Captain. He is the author of Will War Ever End?, The End of War, and Peaceful Revolution, and he is working on his fourth book, The Art of Waging Peace. He is currently serving as the Peace Leadership Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and he speaks throughout the country to colleges, high schools, veterans groups, churches, and activist organizations.

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Peaceful Revolution & The Potential for World Peace with Paul K. Chappell

EBTV on presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Paul K. Chappell – author, former military captain and leadership director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. The interview covers major topics from Paul’s newly released book, Peaceful Revolution, including:
– Paul’s personal journey growing up in a military household
– Paul’s personal journey of being in the military
– proof that human beings are not naturally violent
– how propaganda creates an illusion of necessity for war
– the role of dehumanization to making war possible
– the repression of sex and its consequences
– the repression of death and its consequences
– our obsession with violent media
– examples of solutions for humanity to achieve world peace
– Paul’s wisdom and advice to those who want to enlist in the military
– Paul’s wisdom and advice for everyday people to create world peace
– Resources to help further
– and more!

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