Humility at Its Best : Robert Kuok

Published on Mar 10, 2012

At times you wondered what doing good can do for you. For all you know is that if you are being kind to people, they will take advantage and eat you up. It doesn’t pay to be good to others.

But, here is a real life testimony that says doing good yield good results. Robert Kouk, the richest man from Malaysia with assets worth more than USD10b tells it all in this live interview in China. Robert age 87 years old rarely gives an interview.

This is the first time I have seen him detailing his secrets of his success. Though this video clip is in Mandarin which I can only understand about 10%, but his message is clear and loud. One need to follow the right path of wholesome thoughts and actions all the time. He did not compromised on this.

I’ve written about him several times and I have already know that he draws his inspiration and value from his mother. But to see him talking about it in a dialogue is awesome. Humility was one of his strongest point to success.

Pls enjoy the video here. Word of caution, it’s 56mins long without sub-title. If you do not understand Mandarin, you may want to get someone who can interpret for you

Bugs Tan


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