Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love Of Your Life ~ Katherine Woodward Thomas [updated Sept 9, 2013]

Are you frustrated by disappointing relationships, missed connections, and the loneliness of the search for someone to spend the rest of your life with? Are you ready, instead, to find “The One”? In Calling in “The One,” Katherine Woodward Thomas shares her own personal experience to show us that in order to find the relationship that will last a lifetime, you have to be truly open and ready to create a loving, committed, romantic union. Calling in “The One” shows you how.

Based on the Law of Attraction, which is the concept that we can only attract what we’re ready to receive, the provocative yet simple seven-week program in Calling in “The One” prepares you to bring forth the love you seek. For each of the 49 days of Thomas’s thoughtful and life-affirming plan, there is a daily lesson, a corresponding practice, and instruction for putting that lesson into action in your life. Meditation, visualization, and journaling exercises will gently lead you to recognize the obstacles on your path to love and provide ways to steer around them. At the end of those 49 days, you will be in the ideal emotional state to go out into the world and find “The One.” An inspirational approach that offers a radical new philosophy on relationships, Calling in “The One” is your guide to finding the love you seek.

Katherine Woodward Thomas is a national bestselling author of Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love Of Your Life (Three Rivers Press, 2004) and creator and lead coach of the highly acclaimed Calling in “The One” 7 week transformative process. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, public speaker and the co-creator and co-leader of the Feminine Power transformative courses and the Feminine Power Global Community, a thriving learning community serving thousands of women worldwide.

Katherine possesses a deep commitment to personal and planetary transformation that began with her own spiritual awakening at the age of 14, when she whole heartedly devoted herself to the evolution of love in the world. For the past five years, since the release of Calling in “The One,” Katherine has worked with thousands of students throughout the world who have actively participated in the live and virtual transformative learning community she has co-created along with her teaching partner, transformative educator, Claire Zammit.

Katherine is also the founding director of The Rosewood Center for the Healing Arts & Lifelong Learning, which is dedicated to the evolution and advancement of loving and harmonious relations between all living beings, located in Los Angeles. In 1992, inside of her devotion to actively generate and cause greater levels of love and relatedness in the world, Katherine founded the non-profit “In Harmony with the Homeless.” Through annual songwriting workshops, she brought formerly homeless men and women together with top songwriters to tell their stories of hope and inspiration through music. Some of these events aired nationally on ABC in Concert and, in 1996, she produced an album entitled “In Harmony with the Homeless” featuring such musical greats as Mavis Staples, Rita Coolidge, Carl Anderson and Ritchie Havens.

Katherine has appeared nationally on The Today Show and The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, as well as hundreds of local television and radio news and talk shows throughout the country. Her work has been written about in The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, The Augusta Chronicle, Tango Magazine and more.

Currently, Katherine is co-facilitator of the highly acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries that she co-created with Claire Zammit. The “WEE Series” which has become an international phenomenon, gathering over 30,000 women weekly to engage the biggest questions facing women today regarding our role in co-creating the future of our world, and featuring many of the world’s preeminent female luminaries, thinkers, artists and agents of change. She is also working on her forthcoming book, Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life (co-authored with Claire Zammit, and with foreword written by Michael Beckwith).

Calling in “The One” Put to the Test on National Television

Click to watch video… tvappearance2-short.html

Fox TV’s “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” recently issued an official challenge to Katherine: Can she really help someone to find love in just 7 weeks? Real love, lasting love, the love people dream of having? They invited 40-year old Sunny Barretto onto the show to share her story with Katherine.

At the time, Sunny lived in New York City and was a successful, unmarried career woman. For most of her life, she had been satisfied with the way things were. “I’m independent, I can travel, my time is my own,” she’d say. Yet, when her doctor broke the news that she didn’t have much time left if she wanted children, Sunny realized that something needed to change in her approach to finding love. If she ever wanted to have a family of her own, she’d better do something, and do it now!

“I believed that all the good guys were taken,” she said. “And the kind of guys I was attracted to were trouble.” So, Katherine invited Sunny into the 7-week Calling in “The One” course, and Mike and Juliet scheduled a follow-up appearance two months later to find out what happened.

Sunny thought she was really open to love. Yet, what she discovered in the course was that she actually had a very rigid set of criteria for who she thought “the one” would be. Without meaning to, she was dismissing some very nice men inside of her attachment to her picture of what she thought he’d look like. Even though she believed herself to be open to love, she began to realize that she wasn’t open at all.

“She didn’t even realize she was doing it,” said Katherine. “She was going out on dates like they were interviews. At Calling in “The One” we like to say that she was leading with her resume, and not her radiance.”

The insights Sunny received in the course helped her to clarify and release her inner obstacles to love.

Just a few weeks into the process, Sunny met Robert. Luckily, she’d made the necessary shifts within herself to receive him into her life. Talking about how she’d met him through an internet dating site, Sunny laughingly said, “I almost deleted him because he wasn’t from Manhattan! But, I heard Katherine’s voice in my head telling me, ‘he’s not going to look the way you think he should!'”

It turned out that although Robert didn’t live in Manhattan, he worked in the building right next door to where Sunny lived. When they met, Sunny softened on her approach and let go of her normal interview approach to finding love. She showed up just being herself, deeply present and available to discover if there was a connection. Their attraction was instant. Robert was smitten, as was she, and the relationship progressed quickly.

“I knew almost immediately that she was the one,” says Robert. “Meeting Sunny was like coming home.”

Robert invited Sunny on a trip to Rome over the New Year. When they returned, Sunny and Katherine went back on The Morning Show, where Sunny surprised everyone, Katherine included, by announcing their engagement on live national television! “Katherine, you’re a genius!” exclaimed host Mike Jerrick amidst the applause and congratulations.

Click here to listen to audio


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