The Legacy: An Elder’s Vision for Our Sustainable Future by David Suzuki, Margaret Atwood

In this expanded version of an inspiring speech delivered in December 2009, David Suzuki reflects on how we got where we are today and presents his vision for a better future. In his living memory, Suzuki has witnessed cataclysmic changes in society and our relationship with the planet: the doubling of the world’s population, our increased ecological footprint, and massive technological growth.

Today we are in a state of crisis, and we must join together to respond to that crisis. If we do so, Suzuki envisions a future in which we understand that we are the Earth and live accordingly. All it takes is imagination and a determination to live within our, and the planet’s, means. This book is the culmination of David Suzuki’s amazing life and all of his knowledge, experience, and passion — it is his legacy.

David Suzuki on the new feature film “Force of Nature”

Renowned environmentalist David Suzuki, sums up all that he has learned over his lifetime and laid it out in his new book “The Legacy: An Elder’s Vision for our Sustainable Future”. It is also the basis of a new feature film about him

Jobbook News – David Suzuki interviewed at Occupy Montreal 2011

Reporter: Antoine de Brabant
Camera and Editing: Andre Swedan


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