Muhammad – Legacy of a Prophet [Updated Aug 14, 2012]

Fourteen hundred years ago, a humble merchant who could not read or write changed the face of Arabia. This is the story of Muhammad, the merchant, husband, father and warrior whom Muslims consider the final prophet.

Three years in the making, this film by Alex Kronemer and Michael Wolfe brings to life the seventh-century prophet who changed world history in 23 years, and continues to shape the lives of more than 1.2 billion people. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet unfolds not only in ancient Middle Eastern sites but in the homes, mosques and workplaces of some of America’s estimated seven million Muslims.

A tribute to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

” – the documentary is well worth watching both as the first serious attempt to tell the story of Muhammad on television and also as a testimony to the hypersensitivity of our times.”
– Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times

“Though this biography offers viewers fresh insights into the spiritual foundations of Islam, what proves even more rewarding is the program’s introduction to Americans who are faithful Muslims.”
– Henry Herx, Catholic News Service

” – right on cue is the two-hour Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, a candid, thoughtful, flowing, visually stunning film – that is as timely as documentaries get.”
– Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Time

2 thoughts on “Muhammad – Legacy of a Prophet [Updated Aug 14, 2012]


    It is an honor to see, read and understand the speech by Myanmar politician and human rights activist Aung San Suu Kyi’s at Oxford University.

    The efforts by the Malaysian government under the Administration of Dato’ Sri Mohammad Najib Abdul Razak) as a leading member state in ASEAN caucus must also be acknowledged by Developed Nations.

    In this regard, the struggles by Rohingya people and other Minorities Groups all over the world must also be promptly addressed by UK Government, the United Nations(UN) and of course by all members of the UN Security Council. The decision by the Myanmar government to stopped recognizing them as citizens in 1982 was a grave error and an affront to the Rohingya race. And surprisingly, Suu Kyi has not raised this issue of extreme interest to the global community. According to news reports by NGOs(such as Doctors Without Borders, Actions Against Hunger, and Muslim Aid UK and others), there are about 300,000 unregistered Rohingya migrants in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina must repraised her role as a mediator with the United Nations and Myanmar for that matter.

    Developed countries must be turn a deaf ear to this humanitarian crisis in their cherished embrace of Aung San Suu Kyi and the human rights records under the military rule of the current Myanmar Government. ASEAN Charter advocating human rights and peaceful resolution applies to every member states including Myanmar.

    The revamped Organization of the Islamic Co-operation (OIC) is prudent not to be engulfed in the “romantic narrative of sweeping change” in Myanmar, and is making good efforts to see to it that the Minorities Groups-regardless of race and faith- are protected under all UN Civil Rights Protocols and Conventions, including civil rights and protection under Syariah law.

    Senior Lecturer-in-Law
    Law Consultant External
    and Pioneer advocate in Competitive Legal Intelligence(CLI)
    and a Reader in Shariah CLI
    **The above professional analysis is the writer’s personal view and in no way represent the view/position of the research institutes/thinktanks/organisations to which he is currently attached to.
    He can be reached at

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