2012 Revolution: World Awakening (Part 7) The Government Exposed (Part 8) The New World Order Exposed

Mark Howitt Presents…
2012 Revolution: World Awakening (Part 7)
The Government Exposed

Documentary about the current state of events in the world, and a detailed analysis of the system of control that has us at the edge of losing many of our rights and freedoms. Explains many personal interpretations and research, and historical and personal prophecies as well. Contains information perhaps never before presented in this way. Where did this begin? How did we let it all happen? What is the solution? A psychological roller coaster, which will hopefully have you in a confident mind frame to help many human beings around the world escape from further destruction.

Features many clips from experts and celebrities, news reports, historical footage, and notable documentary clips. We all feel that there needs to be a change on earth, a global spiritual awakening within the human soul of everyone who still has a heart and soul on earth. The realization that change is needed in the way that those with power abuse it and perpetual wars are not needed anywhere on earth and costing our economy to collapse as we know it. Warning: Many of these videos contain graphic content, however this information and footage should be seen by every mature human being on this planet, because these are important issues that need to be openly discussed and not ignored.

This documentary was creating using fair rights intentions and is an attempt to spread truth to the people that need to hear the facts straight up, without any sugar coating or cherries on top. This is the raw, true version of history whether you like it or not. This is what we have become.

Official video also, for the North American March of Revolution (July 1st-4th 2011) as found on Facebook


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