China and the legacy of Deng Xiaoping: from communist revolution to capitalist evolution ~ Michael E. Marti

CHINA AND THE LEGACY OF DENG XIAOPING documents a turning point in the Chinese communist revolution that elevated Deng to a role equal to that of Mao. Michael Marti explores post-Tiananmen domestic political wrangling and offers the first documentation of Deng’s efforts to link all the major elements of society–“the PLA, the party, the revolutionary elders, and the regional governors–“into a coalition whose survival still depends on the success of his economic policies.

Understanding this sense of commitment to China’s long-term goals has significant implications for predicting the outcome of the current struggle between the hard-liners and reformers. By providing a new interpretation of Chinese behavior, CHINA AND THE LEGACY OF DENG XIAOPING adds to the current debate among policymakers and academicians about the future direction of Chinese policy.

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