Greedy Lying Bastards – Film Trailer

What happens when one industry has too much power? Politicians become pawns. Laws are created and prevented. Regulations are bypassed. Information is controlled. Dissent is stifled. Our climate changes. And people die.

GREEDY LYING BASTARDS is a documentary film exposing the shocking lengths the fossil fuel industry travels to ensure maximum profits for executives and shareholders.

In the United States, this industry spends millions of dollars annually to lobby Congress, ensuring the political support necessary to pass supportive or block restrictive laws. Using this control, the industry has managed to dictat…e energy and climate policies in the U.S., working alongside federal administrations. The same industry has spent millions of dollars to fund think tanks, organizations, and scientists who have waged a global campaign of deceit regarding the science of climate change and its dire impacts. Those who have spoken out against the corruption, environmental and health impacts caused by its irresponsible business practices have been assaulted, jailed, tortured, and murdered.

This unchecked corporate drive for profits has come at the expense of workers, families, indigenous peoples, the environment, and threatens our very survival on the planet. It has and continues to undermine democracy in the United States.

Greedy Lying Bastards was filmed on location in the United States, Tuvalu, Fiji, England, Belgium, Denmark, Kenya, Uganda, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Netherlands, and Germany. The film is currently in post production and scheduled to be released in 2012.


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